South Houston police say burglars took rifles and pistols from a gun range in a smash-and-grab early Thursday.

Police say it happened around 4:30 a.m. Thursday at the Marksman Indoor Gun Range in the 500 block of Nebraska.

Two people drove a pickup in the side of the business and were in and out within minutes.

Surveillance cameras at the gun range and at the business next door caught the suspects in the act.

“Roughly 7 minutes, from the break in point to the actual officers arriving,” said Eddie Martin with the South Houston Police Department. “(Surveillance video shows) a truck, two males, one with a ball cap and one with some other type covering.”

Views from Air 11 showed a large hole in the side of the building with the cleanup and investigation underway.
Range management has not yet said which weapons specifically were taken.

The ATF was on scene Thursday afternoon to assist with the investigation.