It's been nearly 3 months since Hurricane Harvey hit and residents in Rockport are struggling ahead of the holiday season.

"We feel forgotten. In fact, I was on a phone call at work, to one of our wholesalers in San Antonio and he was like, oh I guess you all are back up running again and everything's back and I said no. They had no clue," said Daphne Dowdy. "We're under mountains and mountains of debris."

Daphne said in her neighborhood, several families who chose to stay not only lost their homes but their jobs.

"Gratefully, I started working. So I do have a minimal income that's coming in right now. We do have our two grocery stores that are up and running. But again, I'm the only one working right now. As like many in our neighborhood. Just no money is coming into the homes," said Dowdy.

Dowdy lost a third of her home in the storm. But she remains grateful because she still has some cover from the wind and rain.

"This is the spot where the eye hit. It went directly over our house. We had sustained 160-mile winds that came through here and it just wrecked everything," recalled Dowdy.

Dowdy said through the government, she's been able to receive food stamps and medication for her children. Today, Governor Greg Abbott announced the extension of the disaster declaration for affected counties.

But she credits volunteers like Christie Windhorst the most. Through Christie's church and social media, volunteer's went to Rockport several times to gut out homes and clean up. This weekend, Windhorst helped deliver food for Thanksgiving.

"We very well could have been the ones who are really having a hard time getting things for Thanksgiving and Christmas," said Windhorst.

But Dowdy said residents are concerned and not looking forward to the upcoming holiday season.

"Friends of mine are still living in tents and it's getting cold. That makes me nervous. If it's in your heart to help, help. 'Cause we still need it," said Dowdy.

If you would like to help, contact Windhorst at 210-861-8829 or by e-mail