Rockport is still in slow progress for Hurricane Harvey recovery, and the community is in need very much for volunteers.

The First Baptist Church volunteers reception center has been coordinating volunteers who desire to help, and they request for help cleaning up from Harvey.

Harvey passed through the city two months ago, and hundreds of home are still full of debris, and hundreds of volunteers have been directed to help.

Dillon McCombs, a volunteer coordinator in Aransas County, has expressed that volunteers have increased "we've had upwards of 850 people, and that's probably climbed the last couple of days toward 900, just volunteers that have come in and done work with us. "

McCombs says volunteers are starting to wait till the weekend to come to Rockport, but he also needs volunteers during the week.

The number to contact the volunteer reception center at first Baptist church in Rockport is 361-727-9011.