We knew Hurricane Harvey left behind a lot of damage in the Coastal Bend, but on Thursday city leaders in Rockport were given some numbers to put to that devastation.

Aransas County took a direct hit from Hurricane Harvey, and officials said 80-percent of the area ended up with damage.

"At least a third of that will probably have to be demolished, when it was already demolished by the storm, and have to be rebuilt or substantially rehabbed," Rockport City Manager Kevin Carruth said.

Those who live tere are working on making what repairs they can, and some will have to start from scratch.

Mayor C.J. Wax gave 3News some insight on how hard the rebuild is going to be for the 65-percent of people whose homes or businesses were not totally demolished.

"Of the remainder, after that 35-percent, there's probably another 30 to 35-percent that will never be reoccupied or rebuilt," Wax said.

One of the biggest problems facing Rockport and Aransas County is finding places for people to live. The mayor revealed that a possible deal might be made between FEMA and hotel owners in the area for temporary housing.

"What they want to do is even assist in the rebuilding of some of our hotels, with the caveat that if FEMA assists them in that rebuilding, that the hotel will then house displaced persons from the community, and that's a positive step," Wax said.

Aransas County officials said that FEMA has paid out $17.1 million on 11,438 valid claims made so far.