In efforts to combat fraudulent contractors, the City of Rockport is requiring all contractors to register at city hall. Officials have started a registry with contractor's contact information, insurance and licenses.

"In order to protect not only our citizens but our existing contractors we set this up," says City Manager Kevin Caruth.

Caruth says after registering for free, contractors will receive a sticker for their car and a badge to show prospect customers. This prevents people from hiring scam artists who may not be qualified to do a proper repair job.

Rockport resident Dan Daniels says he was confronted by an alleged contractor, he says he knew right away something was off.

"They weren't here to help, in fact I walked off and let my son handle it I said I don't wanna talk no more," Daniels says.

While he may know how to pick out a fraud, others may not, he hopes this registry will sort out the scammers.

"They're all coming out of the wood work and this helps keep the honesty," Daniels adds.

Caruth says any contractor who is found without a sticker will be asked to register. If they do not comply, the business will be asked to leave the city.

"We know were not getting full compliance, police will start making sweeps to make sure we are getting contractors listed up," Caruth says.

To check the list of registered contractors, visit this page.