The RTA is lending a helping held to our friends up north after a suspicious fire destroyed more than 30 busses.

Over the holiday, 33 busses belonging to the Victoria Transit System were set on fire and destroyed. The total amount of damages from that arson was $2.7 million dollars. Victoria officials believe it could take up to six-months before those busses are replaced.

The RTA has transferred two-retired units to help with their daily runs. Corpus Christi officials say they are in good running condition and will hold up for Victorians.

The RTA was not the only transit agency to lend a hand to Victoria Transit. Agencies such as VISD, First Group in Fort Bend County, Brazos Transit District, the Rural Economic Assistance League, Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council, Colorado Valley Transit, Alamo Council of Governments and Goliad Rural Transit have also loaned buses to Victoria Transit.