While many realize the problem of malnutrition exists in many of our cities and towns, few realize there are pockets of people in the countryside who need help and are often overlooked.

When the Food Bank of Corpus Christi's mobile pantry goes to Driscoll, it parks in the lot at the St. James Catholic Church, but because of a shortage of funds, it has not been to Driscoll in a year.

Jessica, a mother of four, said the pantry is important to not only her family but many of her neighbors who have few options.

"My neighbor right now, they're cancer patients, and they can't really move that much," Jessica said. "I've heard they've been going to Banquete. It's a drive."

Lionel Lopez is part of the South Texas Colonia Initiative, an organization that tries to help people in small rural neighborhoods with little access to food or assistance programs.

"We tried to get the Food Bank to come out here," Lopez said. "They said they couldn't come because they didn't have it funded."

Currently, the Food Bank's mobile pantry makes one stop in rural Nueces County at a spot between Agua Dulce and Banquete. It also stops in many other communities in an 11-county area as many as 24 times a month, and each trip costs close to $2,500.

"This truck can hold about 17,000 pounds of food," said Kathy Rios of the Food Bank. "The pantries, we share a mantainance fee of 14 cents per pound. Just imagine 17,000 pounds at 14 cents a pound. Already we're way over the $500 a month fee that we're asking for."

Jessica said she wants to help her family and neighbors.

"I would even volunteer myself," Jessica said. "Even if I didn't get it for myself; but I know that my parents would get it, or my neighbors would get it. The older people. The older generations would get a lot of help."

If you would like to make a donation to the Food Bank's mobile pantry program, notate that your check to make sure your donation to them goes to the right place. You can also visit www.foodbankcc.com.