TYLER - The search for Kayla has come to a heartbreaking end. Sources confirm the remains found Saturday are that of the 10-year-old little girl who went missing on Nov. 1.

Kayla and her family were at Bullard First Assembly Church Nov. 1 attending a prayer service. After the service, Kayla went to wait in the lobby while her parents visited. That was the last time anyone saw her.

Parents called police after checking to see if Kayla was with any other family members or friends, and the search began. Early Wednesday morning, authorities issued an Amber Alert, and multiple law enforcement agencies spent the next four days combing the area for Kayla.

Saturday morning, a massive search was coordinated and conducted in the area, with over 600 people involved. By the afternoon, a major break turned the tide in the investigation.

The Cherokee County Sheriff's office confirmed that a body was found in Bullard, just off Old Jacksonville Highway, and multiple sources confirmed that it was the missing little girl.

The Amber Alert has also been discontinued.

Sources also confirmed that an uncle is being questioned in the case.