Seashore Charter Schools sustained a large amount of damage due to Hurricane Harvey. The schools were delayed for about a week, and they are still recovering.

Mayor Joe McComb announced Thursday that he would give a charitable donation to the Seashore Charter Schools. The contribution of $25,000 will come from the Hurricane Harvey Relief fund.

When Seashore's Superintendent Colleen McIntyre broke the news of Mayor McComb's donation, she said, "I got so many emails back saying thank you so much, you know that's great news."

McIntyre also adds since Seashore is not a public school they receive less funding, so the donation goes a long way for the program.

McIntyre said how the money would go towards "getting the debris removed that [they] had, going toward the deductible, staff salaries, and going towards all of the things that happen when you close."

Seashore Learning Center's oldest building suffered the most damage like broken windows that caused flooding inside the building. McIntyre said how the building would most likely be demolished.

McIntyre adds how the past few weeks parents volunteered to clean up the campuses and help repair some of the minor damages.

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