You have less than 16 hours to gather all of your unwanted documents to be safely destroyed during Saturday's Shred Day here at the Kiii-TV studios.

It is a day for you to bring all of your old documents that have personal information on them to be safely destroyed. Brenda Kleven with File Pro Services said it is a great way to let the community know that there are companies in the area that will help them year around.

"It gives individuals the opportunity because often, they don't know where to go. They don't know there is a company that can assist them with their proper shredding," Kleven said. "This gives them a place to come and shred that information at no charge and makes them familiar with a company like ours that, in the event they don't want to wait, they can call and we can assist."

Shred Day runs from 9 a.m.-noon Saturday outside the Kiii-TV studios at 5002 SPID. The limit is about three legal-sized boxes worth of paper. You can also get rid of old cell phones and computers that may have sensitive data on them.