A Skidmore family is getting life back to normal weeks after their two-year-old son was bit by a rattlesnake, almost dying because of it.

Locally, snakes are being seen more often right now because of the erratic temperature changes from cold to hot we've been having.

It was Dec. 17 when Mike Chambers took his sons to his cousin's house down the street in Skidmore to play. When two-year-old Colt reached down to grab a toy, he felt two teeth puncture his back.

Colt was rushed to a Beeville hospital and then transported by HALO Flight to Driscoll Children's Hospital, where he was given a 50-percent chance to live.

Doctors traced the path the snake venom was taking in his little body. He was given antivenom for six days straight, and underwent three blood transfusions. That's when he began to recover.

The Chambers believe the snake was looking for a warm place to go before that December cold front.

If you do come in contact with a snake, experts say to stay calm and back away slowly, leaving the snake alone.