It's the talk of the country right now as people prepare for the solar eclipse event Monday. The eclipse will be visible from coast to coast, including right here in South Texas.

In some parts of the country the moon will completely cover the sun, making it dark in the middle of the afternoon; but that won't exactly happen here, though we will still see some of the eclipse. Just like watching a 3D movie, however, you will need some special glasses.

"The last time they saw it here was about 100 years ago," said Laura Peck, Director of King High School's planetarium. "It is quite rare to see one travel across the United States."

Peck showed 3News video of exactly what the eclipse should look like for from Corpus Christi. At 1:15 p.m. Monday, the eclipse will hit its maximum peak for this area, making the sun look like a crescent; but we will not lose daylight.

"It's not going to get dark," Peck said. "We're not going to see shadows on the ground, but we will be able to see the moon crossing the sun's surface."

Millions of people are expected to go outside and watch the eclipse, but even though the moon will be in front of the sun, it does not change the danger to your eyes.

"It's still unhealthy for the eyes," said Dr. Adam Jurica, an optometrist in Corpus Christi. "If you were to look directly into it, the very center of the eye is called the macula, and it could burn it."

Regular sunglasses won't do the trick. If you want to watch, you need special solar eclipse viewing glasses.

The next solar eclipse that will be seen in Texas will not happen until 2024.

NASA released a listing of places where you can buy safe and legitimate solar eclipse glasses. You can see view that list here.

Of the listed retailers, only the Wal Mart located on Saratoga Boulevard in Corpus Christi still carries the glasses. Other's have already sold out.