We all know how effective white vinegar can be in our house for things like disinfectants and cleaners, but what about the uses in a garden?

The South Texas Gardener, Gabriel Vega joined us on 3 News First Edition to tell us more about the advantages of white vinegar.

The product can be used as weed prevention and as a weed killer without harmful effects to the environment. It can also be used as pest and bug prevention, as well as a revitalizer of acidic soil loving plants.

Vega said white vinegar is an acid, so it can bring down the pH of soil. Plants need nutrients and food to survive, so if you can change the pH of the soil outside the range, those plants will not have the food to survive making it a good weed killer.

You can also use it on sidewalks, or driveways where weeds pop through the cracks.

Vega said to apply as needed.

He also said for bug application, you will want to dilute the vinegar so that will be one part white vinegar to three parts water, plus one teaspoon of dishwashing soap.