It's already been one year since the shooting rampage in an Orlando nightclub left 49 dead. One man in Corpus Christi was actually there that night, but fortunately left moments before the shooting began.

Joseph Gamez said knowing he was in the same place as the shooter and so close to losing his life brought him and his partner a new perspective and beginning.

Kiii News Reporter Madeleine Dart spoke with him Monday to find out how he is doing on this one-year anniversary of that tragedy.

It was just five minutes after Gamez and his partner, Marcus, left Pulse when the shooting began.

"We saw a huge parade of cops just rushing back to where we came from," Gamez said. "I know if I was in that situation, there's no way I would've made it out."

They narrowly escaped the disaster, but they still bare the scars as if they were there. A year later, Gamez and his husband mustered up the courage to move on.

"As soon as we got back, we made the choice that, you know, we're not going to waste any more time," Gamez said. "To start a family. If I could put one word to it, it'd be the feeling of complete."

Now the couple views that five minutes as plenty of time to start over and make a life changing decision.

"Right away as we met the boys, we looked into their eyes and we knew these are our boys," Gamez said. "What we went through in Orlando is really going to solidify that because now we know that God gave us a second chance."

The Corpus Christi Metropolitan Community Church will be live streaming a memorial service on their website at 7 p.m. Monday, and a local vigil will be held Thursday.