Some residents in Aransas Pass are understandably upset about an unexpected increase in their water bills. In some cases, people found their bills had quadrupled for no apparent reason.

It turns out, City officials accepted the fact that there was a problem and now they are trying to fix it.

"We ran an exception report and found out that there was about 25-percent of our customers who have some annomaly in their bill," Aransas Pass City Manager Sylvia Carrillo said.

According to the City, that 25-percent includes around 600 customers both residential and commercial, and they are more than a little upset about last month's water bill.

"This is a ridiculous amount of money that they say we need to pay," Aransas Pass resident Xochilt Contreras said. "My usual bill ranges between $150 and $200 on a monthly basis. This month is for $701.47."

Officials said customers began to flood the City with phone calls and social media posts last week questioning their water bills. They have not determined what caused the problem.

"It's a combination of multiple things. One is being short staffed. We are short a meter reader and so I think some of it has been a data entry error," Carrillo said. "And the other issue is we are in the midsts of a sofware conversion and it has been less than smooth."

As of Tuesday afternoon, the City of Aransas Pass informed residents via Facebook that almost all accounts have been reread and if adjustments need to be made, they will be contacted.

The City has not contacted Contreras yet, but she is standing firm.

"There is no way in the world I am going to pay this. They better fix that," Contreras said.