Halloween is the perfect time of year for a good ghost story, and 3News found one that's close to home -- spirits haunting the Angel Rose Bed and Breakfast in Rockport.

Jennifer Day and her husband Rusty own the picturesque 1881 landmark -- a historic home that they say is, in fact, haunted.

The spirits apparently began appearing sometime in the 1940s.

"Once in while you'll think you'll see something out of the corner of your eye and we just assume it's Leopold," Day said.

Leopold is named for the original owner of the home, Leopold Bracht.

The Angel Rose owners have had the place professionally checked out.

"We don't have a demon. We have a spirit, and we've been told that by the gentleman who did the investigation," Rusty Day said.

A few years back the Paranormal Research Institute certified the mansion as a haunted location. The Days explained that has not scared away guests -- one of whom was an NFL player who may have been visited by a female spirit in the dead of the night.

"He goes, 'I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a lady standing over me, but I was in my bed so I turned over and went back to sleep,'" Day said.

People have always been entertained by scary stories, but a few years back while the home was being restored, the previous owner actually held a seance upstairs because things were getting scary.

"They called up the ghost and explained to him that they weren't tearing anything down, that they weren't destroying anything, but they were in fact restoring and repairing it like it was when he lived here, and things apparently settled down considerably after that," Rusty Day said.