Update, April 14, 2017 -- A water boil advisory was lifted Friday for the city of Beeville. It was put into effect Wednesday morning after overnight storms knocked out power to the local water treatment plant, leaving them without clean water for the last couple of days.

The outage lowered water levels and prompted conservation measures. Power has since been restored to the facility, but the water boil remains in effect as a precaution until testing by the State is concluded.

Notice was sent Wednesday morning urging residents to boil water prior to consumption as their water treatment plant was without power due to trees falling on power lines during Tuesday night's storm. At 11 a.m. Wednesday, Beeville residents were placed under a water boil advisory until further notice.

Water must be boiled before consumption, as well as for use washing your hands and face, brushing teeth, etc.

The power loss affected the power supply to the George P. Morrill Sr. Water Treatment Plant, causing the plant to shut down and stop treating water. American Electric Power Texas was dispatched to repair the damaged lines -- a task made more difficult by trees in the way of the lines.