New Jim Wells County Sheriff Danny Bueno has pledged to use his investigators to try to solve the murder of an Alice police officer that dates back to 1974.

Matt Murphy was an Alice Police Department narcotics officer who was murdered Dec. 1, 1974, during a traffic stop. A plague honoring Murphy is set up in the main entry hall of the Alice Police Department.

Former Alice Police Chief Randy Weems said there were two suspects in the case, but one of the men died in Dallas a few years back and the other is in a prison in Alabama. He said investigators were sent there to speak with the suspected shooter, but he wouldn't talk.

Then, just a few months ago, a Department of Public Safety cold case homicide investigator began looking into the case. The Jim Wells County district attorney and sheriff are now hoping to get the murder case solved once and for all.

3News tried to get in touch with the DPS investigator about the case but were not able to reach them before news time.