If you hear storm sirens in Kingsville at noon Wednesday, don't worry -- it's just a test.

The City of Kingsville has added a fourth siren to their storm siren warning system and will be testing that system every Wednesday at noon. The fourth siren is located on the east side of the Highway 77 bypass on Carlos Truan Boulevard.

According to the City, the storm siren warning system will not be tested when there is an actual threat of severe weather in the area.

The warning system will alert residents when:

  • The Storm Sentry 13 satellite system automatically sets off the sirens when it senses a tornado in the area.
  • A tornado warning has been issued for a portion of Kleberg County that includes the City of Kingsville.
  • When a storm spotter, firefighter or police officer sees a tornado in or within close proximity of the City of Kingsville.

The system does not have the capability of sounding an "all clear" signal after the expiration of a tornado warning.

When residents hear storm sirens in Kingsville, they are advised to take cover in an appropriate shelter and monitor local radio or television station weather coverage.

Want to hear what it sounds like? Check out this YouTube video:

The City also advises residents that the storm warning system should not be their only warning system. The City also uses the Nixle service, which is free at www.nixle.com, to alert citizens of critical events in the community. Citizens should also have a storm emergency plan in place and practice that plan regularly.