With the Texas heat soaring this week U.S. Border Patrol in South Texas is seeing an increase in the number of undocumented immigrants calling for help. Over the last two days, agents in Kingsville and Falfurrias rescued at least three people lost in the brush.

On Wednesday morning, a call to 911 led to the rescue of one man that was lost in the brush near Sarita. Border Patrol Agents in Kingsville found the Honduran national about 30 minutes after he called 911. When they got him back to the station, he became ill and was taken to a hospital to be treated.

Later that day another call to 911, this time from a woman saying she was lost, tired and dehydrated. Kingsville agents with the help of Air and Marine Pilots found the woman on a South Texas Ranch. She turned out to be a Salvadoran national and did not need any medical attention.

In Falfurrias, the Brooks County Sheriff's Office got a call just after midnight on Thursday from a man saying he was lost in the brush. He told authorities he was a Guatemalan national and was lost for two days. The man was found quickly and taken the Falfurrias checkpoint, he too was taken to a local hospital.

Since October 1, 2016, Border Patrol agents have made 782 rescues here in South Texas.