There are plans to turn Highway 44 into an interstate quality roadway, and some of that proposed work is going to be the focus of a Texas Department of Transportation public open house Thursday.

Right now, Highway 44 runs through the heart of Robstown, but City officials said if TxDOT is looking at making major improvements to Highway 44 through town, they would rather see a bypass built on the southside of town.

"Right now our preferred route is something southern, and mainly because our city master plan designates the southern part of town as the more industrial side of town," Robstown Chief Administrator Herman Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said a southern bypass would also make city streets safer by removing all of the traffic that moves through town. He is looking forward to TxDOT's open house on Thursday, which will be held at the Richard Borchard Fairgrounds.

Rodriguez said there are six routes under consideration by TxDOT. People can take a look at those plans and make suggestions or comments.

City leaders said the plan is for Highway 44 to meet interstate standards so it can become a major part of the Interstate 69 corridor. They also said it could be seven to 10 years before the plan could become reality.

The public open house will be held from 4-7 p.m. Thursday at the Richard Borchard Fairgrounds.