It was a frightening moment for a Coastal Bend southside resident Wednesday morning. Her truck, purse, wallet and other valuables were stolen within minutes.

"My trainer was here at 8:30. She left approximately at 9:28. We finished a little bit early today. I went to go get in the shower, but my maids had texted me earlier that they were going to be here earlier, so I unlocked the front door," resident said.

Within 10 minutes of getting in and out of the shower, someone had entered her home, walked into her garage and stole her truck.

"The maids should be arriving any second, is when I realized that front door was wide open and they weren't' in my house. I continued to walk and got to the garage and realized the next door was open and the truck was gone, and the garage door was wide open," she said.

Immediately calling her husband and police the southside resident saw what happened through neighbors security cameras.

"The car in front with my truck tailgating right behind him, they ran the stop sign and never stopped," resident said.

The neighbor's cameras caught it all on video.

"It's same that car and my car following and they go out Ocean Drive," she said

Almost two hours after her truck was stolen, her credit card was used at a gas station to buy three packages of cigarettes.

"I asked the girl if someone was there at 11:47 and used a credit card that ended in the four digits and she said yea, and she knew my name. She said that when he went to sign he just scribbled, but in the video, I can see my credit card in his hand they went right to the time and there he was," the resident said.

The resident said that this has been a trend in their neighborhood lately. "Every time they get on the neighbor app, they keep sending me all these alerts things have been going on this week," she said.

Police have told the resident they have received reports of break-ins."They said that there's just a lot of incidents going on and it's young kids which by the video he looks like he's mid 20's. I would like my belongings back they have my purse, they have my social security cards, my passports, my license I don't anything that says who I am, " resident said.

Although the resident is frustrated, the mother of three is thankful nothing else happened.

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