Amanda Puente and her friend Cynthia Perez like to bond as most girls do, by shopping.

But you will not see them buying them anything without a deal. Clipping coupons is not just for your grandma anymore, according to NAA, Sunday newspapers were the number one source used to find coupons in the past 30 days even despite the growing trend of mobile apps and discount websites.

"It's worth it, it's time consuming but it's definitely a really good route to choose to save", says Cynthia Perez.

Amanda and Cynthia both agree that taking the time to strategize their shopping has helped them tremendously by saving hundreds of dollars each month.

To stretch your dollar the most, the pair says to check websites, loyalty program apps and in-store circulars and then compare and match those to products to the coupons you find in the newspaper. Also, don't be afraid to find multiple coupons for the same item or service as most stores will let you double up on the savings. If you match a manufacturer's coupon with a loyalty program you could rack up some major points to use for deals in the future.

The sound of doubling or even tripling your coupons on a purchase might sound ambitious but don't let this competitive lifestyle take you to the extreme.

"Don't clear the shelves because there are other people trying to save money", warns the couponing duo. Both regular couponers and retailers agree this type of couponing is frowned upon. They advise that shoppers leave some product for those who really need it and if you find yourself with more than what you need...donate! Unused clipped coupons can also be gifted to the Overseas Coupon Program for military families to use on base.

The take away is simple, do not buy anything until you look for a better deal..there is always a better deal. If you are just starting to explore the world of couponing and have any questions, you can always check the store's couponing policy.

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