Last week we talked about over submissive dogs that go belly up.

This week we're going to talk about submissive urination which generally is not about fear but about getting overly excited.

This is a form of greeting disorder.

A lot of dogs will be so excited when you come home that they will lose control of their muscles that hold the bladder and end up with a puddle on the floor.

It can also happen from anticipation when you say 'Let's go for a walk'.

It can happen with loud noises or while watching you get excited and loud.

The doorbell can cause it.

Also occasionally when they are in trouble and expect a scolding, they will lose control.

People ask me if there are certain breeds more apt to have this occur? Yes...Cocker Spaniels and Dachshunds are a couple of breeds that I've seen this happen more often.

Some tricks to help cure this:

-Ignore them for a few minutes when you first get home until they come down.

-Watch your tone of voice. Keep it calm.

-Have someone ring the doorbell a number of times every day, so they can be desensitized.

-Of course remember not to scold for accidental wetting. This has nothing to do with housebreaking.