We talk every year this time about shedding season, and yes it's upon us!

Your dog is going to dump that beautiful winter coat that nature put on them for the winter season. Even though here in south Texas we don't have an extremely cold winter, you will still see the effects of your dog shedding with loose and discolored hair falling off of them.

To them this is useless hair. It doesn't regulate their temperature and it goes up our noses and clogs our A/C filter.

I'm going to give a demo of brushing Leo the German Shepherd with a couple different brushes, a regular brush to stimulate their skin and their oil glands and a de-shedding tool called the Furminator to remove the dead useless hair.

Hint: Always keep this fun. Don't scare or scold them

People have asked me if there are pills that help with the shedding. Answer is No. It doesn't help with shedding, but it does make the skin and coat nicer. You will still have to get rid of the old coat.

You may want to throw the old hair in the yard for the birds to grab to make nests out of. They will pick it up fast. You will be surprised!