School just ended and to our dogs this is a big 'CHANGE' in their daily pattern. We talked a number of times about how dogs do not like change and this is one of them.

People with children suddenly realize they may get to sleep later in the mornings and daily routines have changed. They see us wake up later, feed them later and they are wondering what is up?

Dogs are 'something is up' detectors.

Even after you've fed them and try to carry on a morning routine, they see the kids are still there. Once again, they are wondering what is up?

They might bark more, dig more, chew more, be more restless.

The good news is about one week into this, they will adjust. If you have to feed at a different time, change the time, but make it consistent.

And give the kids something to do to help take care of the dogs since they are home.

When school's out, kids are still busy with sports or other activities BUT now is a great time, and I cannot stress this enough. When you are scheduling the days for your kids, please schedule an hour or more a day for them to be with their dogs. Playtime, hide and seek, tug of war, fetch, etc.

Once again, trust me, this will benefit your child for the rest of their life.