The 4th of July holiday is upon us and with fireworks going off through Tuesday night, there are many many warnings on all of social media, about how fireworks really scare your dog.

There are other hidden dangers (parties) during the holiday that some of us don't think about.

First off..all the advice that you've heard about keeping your dogs in-doors during this time is VERY TRUE….keep them Inside.

Even the most well-trained dog can have a panic attack and bolt.

For dogs who are afraid of fireworks, even while still indoors, you still have options.

1. The thunder jacket.

2. Play the stereo loud.

3. Consider a tranquilizer from your Vet.

4. Use an Ace wrap to make a temporary Thunder Jacket.

Other dangers we don't think of:

1. Large loud group at home partying, over stimulation

2. Bones from the BBQ

3. Sweets and leftovers from the BBQ

4. Strangers

5. Kids overplaying with them

6. Lots of front door traffic, make sure they don't sneak out

Think ahead. Make sure your dog does have a tag or is micro-chipped, so if they do bolt, they can be returned to you safely.