Halloween can be a fun time for the whole family, but for our pets it can be a different story.

The K-9 Coach Floyd Swydan joined us Sunday morning with a look at a few tips to make sure the day isn't a scary one for your four legged friends.

Here is a list of things that could scare your dog.

1. Scary masks and humans with their faces covered

2. Loud parties and noises

3. Kids with objects such as swords, flashlight, etc.

4. Many people coming to the door and ringing the bell

5. Strangers

Some dangerous things to think about:

1. Don't let your dog eat candy (Watch the kids…they will offer it)

2. Your dog bolting out the front door when opened.

3. Worst case scenarios, your dog might react aggressively if confused or scared.

Now if you would like to dress your dogs in costumes, and they are very well trained…introduce them to costumes and head gear very slowly. Put it on, give treats, take it off…over and over. Try not to cover your dog's ears and/or eyes. They depend on these senses.