Many new dogs enter their new homes and want to "mark their territory." How do you get them to stop? The K9 Coach Floyd Swydan joined us on 3 News First Edition with some tips.

Swydan said most of the time you will find a male dog doing this, or even an adopted dog. In a dogs mind, they will sniff where they will go, and see if they "own" that area. If they don't, they are going to mark it. Smaller dogs seem to do it more than larger dogs, because they have a lot to prove.

If you get a puppy, fix them prior to six months of age. That's about the time the possessiveness hormone steps in to claim their territory.

Make sure your dogs are house broken. If you catch them marking a spot in the house, you can scold them and make it clear where they are supposed to potty.

Also, stay positive when you correct them on that.