According to the City-County Public Health District, several sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in the Coastal Bend.

Doctors credit this in part to social media interaction, but it is now affecting the way they treat the diseases locally.

The Health District said the hardest part about dealing with STDs is that often they go unreported and keep spreading; and as STD numbers continue to rise, sex education in schools is now almost nonexistent.

Dr. William Burgin of the Public Health District said gonnorhea cases have gone up four-percent over the last year. Niceria is up .5-percent from last year, and doctors say they are dealing with more and more cases of diseases like chlamydia, herpes and syphilis.

Even worse, now it has become harder to treat some of these STDs. Local doctors have to treat gonorrhea with two drugs when it used to be just one.

In a new development this year, health clinics say a significant number of patients who have contracted an STD have admitted to using dating apps and website that lead to having anonymous sex, claiming teens and the gay community have the highest STD numbers in the area.

Since there is not any sexual education in classes, it's up to parents to talk to their kids in hopes that sex education becomes widespread, rather than the diseases.

The Health District said if you find a lesion or sore on your body, get it checked out immediately that way if it is an STD, they can get it treated before it becomes worse.