One Stripes convenience store employee had been fired as police investigate a cell phone found inside the bathroom of a Stripes convenience store wrapped and hidden under some toilet paper.

The employee who was fired was reportedly the owner of the cell phone.

It happened at the Stripes convenience store at Ennis Joslin and Ocean Drive. Corpus Christi police said they have the phone and are getting a warrant so they can look for evidence of any possible criminal wrongdoing.

Chelsea Ledesma found the phone lying on the floor of the convenience store over the weekend, and she doesn't think it was there on accident.

"I see on the bottom left hand corner behind some napkins, you know, hidden away, a lens," Ledesma said. "So what I proceeded to do was I stepped on it to kind of see what's going on and sure enough it was a phone. They were clean napkins so I pick it up and the phone is wrapped in the napkin right up to where the lens is and there's crumpled up napkins around it."

Ledesma said she looked through the phone and was surprised who it belonged to.

"It shows the worker in the store putting the phone and positioning it, obviously where he wants it," Ledesma said.

Ledesma also looked through the phone to see if there were any videos of her or anyone else.

"There's pictures of his genital area of him taking pictures of himself unfortunately. There's nothing of anybody else," Ledesma said. "What I'm thinking is what might have happened, him trying to record, when he was setting up the napkins around he might have accidently hit stop."

Police were called and they said they are investigating the claim and are working to get a warrant to be able to search the phone for evidence.

Stripes said they have fired the worker in question and are cooperating fully in the investigation.

Ledesma hopes this serves as a warning for people to check public bathrooms and department store dressing rooms for a camera that might be in place to invade you or your children's privacy.

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