Cookies and beer! (Insert excited emoji here!)

One local craft beer bar is encouraging patrons to bring together two of their favorite things: Girls Scout Cookies and craft beers.

The Brass Tap - San Antonio, located at The Rim off La Cantera Parkway, is giving their recommendations on what beers to pair with different Girl Scout Cookies.

"There are really awesome beers that have different flavors," General Manager Winnie Mak said. "They're going to pair very well with the cookies that are offered."

Mak said that pairing the number one selling Girl Scout Cookie, the Thin Mint, with a beer brewed with coffee undertones will accentuate the mint flavor of the cookie.

"No different than why some people that put their Think Mint cookies in the refrigerator, in the freezer, right? It kinda brings that brightness out a little bit more," Mak said.

She said the best thing about pairing cookies and beer is you get to drink more and eat more.

The Brass Tap isn't just making recommendations. For a limited time, they will have cookies available to try along with their amazing brews.

Here is the list of beers Mak recommends to pair with your Girl Scout Cookies:

Thin Mints with Oskar Blues’ Hot Box Coffee Porter
Hot Box gives us a roasted nut, cocoa, caramel malts and, of course, coffee. The pairing becomes a peppermint mocha coffee you would get during Christmas time.
**any coffee porter or stout

Tagalongs with Karbach Hopadillo
Hopadillo has a caramel, toasted grain on the nose and gives an orange rind flavor. It will give a nice citrus flavor to the peanut butter and chocolate. If you are not an IPA drinker, the sweetness of the cookie will help with some of the bitterness an IPA can give. It’s just a great locally brewed IPA
**any citrus IPA

S'mores with Saint Arnold Santo
Santo gives off a nutty, malt note, which will complement the graham cracker flavor of the S'mores. The crisp texture and light bitterness of Santo will help cut the sweetness of the cookies
**Black Hefe by Goliad will do the same and will also our BOM for February

Do-si-dos with Stone Americano Stout
Americano with espresso roasted beans. The heavy espresso note and the creamy peanut butter filling will blend very well together.
**Coffee Shout or coffee flavor beer

Samoas with Oskar Blues’ Death by Coconut
Death by Coconut porter gives us a dark, rich chocolate and extra dark caramel melt. Samoas are also a rich cookie with rich caramel, toasted coconut with dark chocolate coating. The intense, fresh cocoa flavors will balance the two.
**Any porter

Trefoils with Blanche De Bruxelles
This Belgium witbier gives us a light citrus aroma, very fruit forward and light body that will go very well with the Trefoils that is a nice and light shortbread cookie.
**Fruity Wheat beer

Savannah Smiles with Victory’s Cage Radler
Victory’s Cage Radler is a citrus lager with a light body. Savannah Smiles is a zesty lemon wedge cookie who also has a light body with powered sugar.
**Citrus light beer or Goose Island sours like Sofia, Halia

Toffee-tastic with Glutiny Pale Ale
Toffee-tastic is a Gluten-Free beer it only made sense to pair it with Glutiny Pale Ale by New Belgium who is also a gluten-free beer. Aside from that Glutiny Pale ale features Equinox Hops for flavors of Guava and papaya which will marry well with the crunchy toffee bits.