The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has ruled the city committed 5 violations in connection with a 2 week water boil in May.

In a report issued today, TCEQ found several violations which centered on low disinfectant levels leading to the 13 day water boil.

In reaction, the city said they are reviewing the violations. Kim Womack, a spokesperson with the city says, "We expected a letter of enforcement from TCEQ based on what we went through with the water boil. So right now we've received that letter and we're going through it line by line to determine what we agree with and what we want to talk about as regard to the actions. Womack later added, "And of course we will be negotiating with them for any fines that are assessed."

The report listed insufficient controls and inadequate protection to a potential hazard in its notice of enforcement. There is no indication when those negotiations will conclude.