There is still no timeline as to when things will be back to normal in areas of the Coastal Bend hit hard by Hurricane Harvey, but thanks to thousands of volunteers, the recovery will come sooner.

Amanda Calderon was at her grandmother's house in Rockport Friday.

"I've been coming every day. I live in Ingleside, but I come over here every day to help out," Calderon said. "Whatever I can."

However, this Friday was different. Calderon had a whole team to help her out.

"There's about 50 volunteers that came from Team Depot, and then there's some other church organizations and groups that came in to help out," said Jeff Edwards, a member of Home Depot's "Team Depot."

Team Depot and volunteers from Operation Blessing fanned out across Rockport to lend a helping hand to residents like Calderon.

"In this situation, in a community that was impacted so much, we were able to pull a lot of source from Houston and Corpus together to really come in one day and partner with Operation Blessing and make a huge impact in one day," Edwards said.

"We're usually on the ground within 24-48 hours once the disaster strikes," said Sheila Griffen of Operation Blessing.

Griffen helps coordinate volunteers in the clean up effort.

"We've had a tremendous, tremendous outpouring of volunteers," Griffen said. "We've had about 3,600 volunteers while we've been here. Over 3,600."

For the folks with Team Depot, the day of work was a step forward in the long-term recovery process.

"In areas like this where you have a huge impact, oftentimes the people here don't have the time to help anybody else because they were so affected," Edwards said. "So being able to bring a group together to come out in one day and really tackle the problem helps out a lot."

Operation Blessing will be leaving the Rockport area, but other organizations will be stepping in. As for Team Depot, their help continues.