On Tuesday, thousands of spectators gathered across the Annaville Fire Station waiting for a glimpse of President Donald Trump.

One of those was 15 year old Marcos Garza who brought the giant Texas flag he hung up in his room.

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"Everyone was just like that's your flag, that's your flag and I was like whoa," Garza said. "I was like it was crazy."

A video of Garza went viral after he says the president had his flag in hand as he spoke to the crowd.

"I don't know who gave it to Donald Trump," Garza said. "But it was the same flag."

He believed the flag in the Annaville Fire Department's possession is his.

The teen hoped to get it back but was told by the fire department that the Secret Service was trying to prove it was in fact his.

"I paid money for that," Garza said. "That's my flag, I brought it over there. A lot of people saw me with the flag."

Annaville Fire Chief Michael Clack said even though they didn't get to really interact with President Trump, the Department was gifted a Texas flag.

"From the president's staff," Clack said. "For hosting the event. The flag says great job, thanks and he signed it."

Clack said they never saw the President sign the flag, but assumed it was brought in with him.

It wasn't until Tuesday night when the Department saw Garza's post on social media.

Clack said they are trying to clear things up so Garza not only has has a memory but a souvenir from such a rare sight in the Coastal Bend.

"If they don't provide one or the Secret Service does not return his then we will we will give him this flag," Clack said.

Garza said they are just trying to find proof.

"I saw a whole bunch of cameras so if you have a video then front it, put it on Facebook anywhere send it to you guys." Garza said.