Any time a tropical weather system enters the Gulf of Mexico, virtually all Texas insurance agencies simply stop writing new policies to protect homes and vehicles.

That includes windstorm coverage, insurance agents we spoke to says if you are looking for any type of wind storm insurance this week and are not already covered, you are out of time.

"Don't take it for granted or take advantage of the biggest asset you may particularly have in your life," says Corpus Christi Insurance Agent Robert Valdez.

Valdez says it is common during hurricane season that some of those not covered will come knocking for wind storm insurance at the last minute.

According to the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association once a hurricane travels in the Gulf of Mexico within the boundaries of 80 degrees West Longitude and 20 Degrees North Latitude it is too late to get coverage.

Valdez says back in 1988, insurance companies decided not to include insurance for wind or hail because of all the hurricanes and tropical storms affecting the area.

"That's when Texas wind storm came in and was created by the Texas legislature to protect people along the Gulf Coast for that type of catastrophe," says Valdez.

He says it's always wise to be covered if you live in the Coastal Bend. Valdez says winter can bring some unfriendly weather.

"It's a big misconception by the general public. 'Hey, oh wait, I want to be covered for a hurricane.' Well windstorm is more than just hurricane coverage," says Valdez.

Valdez says it's the insurance agency's discretion on when the moratorium is lifted, it could be right up to 48 hours after the storm has passed. But those who have wind storm insurance already don't need to worry about their coverage.