First Edition reviews the toll on lives and property after hurricane Harvey slammed into the Coastal Bend.

The category 4 storm would strike Rockport - Fulton making its way through Refugio and up to Victoria bringing plenty of devastation. Winds reached upwards of 132 miles per hour. Homes were wrecked. Roofs were stripped. At its peak AEP Texas said 220,000 customers were without power. Governor Gregg Abbott declared a state of emergency for 30 counties.

Harvey ended a drought in South Texas of hurricanes striking us. The last one was hurricane Celia in 1970. Harvey would eventually work its way back out into the gulf briefly before crossing through Houston and onto Beaumont - Port Arthur before working its way up through Louisiana.

At least 4 people died here in South Texas as a result of Harvey's path. At last check, 81 people died in Texas as a result of the storm.