The Women's and Men's Health Services of the Coastal Bend are running their box project.

The Box Project is the Health Services' community health initiative to improve health outcomes for mothers, babies and the general health of men and women in South Texas.

Initially funded by the Corpus Christi Community Foundation, the project relies on sponsorships, donations and funds from the Texas Department of State Health Services to reduce maternal mortality.

The Box Project is designed to assist women and men during the length of their reproductive years and offer assistance for the times they want to prevent pregnancy, have a child and during pregnancy.

By addressing the cycles of care, the project establishes a long term partnership between the patient and medical services and empowers the patient to take responsibility for their own health.

Towards the end of pregnancy, expecting mothers receive "The Baby Box" containing clothes, blankets, health items, educational materials and a bed. Each box contains a mattress that safely serves as a bed for a newborn up to eight months of age. It is believed that distribution of these boxes has helped Finland in achieving one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

Other health boxes include a women's, men's, preconception and a healthy pregnancy box.

Each includes information, case management follow-up and health tools to help patients achieve their family planning goals.