Flu season is upon us and health care professionals are urging people to be aware of symptoms associated with the illness.

October 1st is the start of the flu season and doctors are encouraging people to get their vaccination in time before they start feeling the effects of the flu.

Some symptoms associated with the disease include headaches, muscle pain, and coughing. But doctors say all that can be avoided with a simple prick of the needle. Doctors want people skeptical about vaccinations to know how serious the flu can be without taking preventative measures.

"The flu can be very serious, because it can produce Pneumonia, it can produce Chronic Bronchitis and death" says Dr. William Burgin with the health district.

Without proper vaccination, children and the elderly are the most severely effected. The vaccination protects you against the flu for up to one year.

For more information on vaccinations you can visit: http://www.cctexas.com/government/health-district/health-services/flu-update/index.