Nueces County is following Texas' 10 biggest counties with record early voter turnout so far, and voters seem to agree about the reasons behind the high numbers.

One big reason voters decided to hit the polls early is that it's less of a hassle than waiting until election day.

"It's nice to vote early and avoid the biggest crowd on Nov. 8," voter Ricardo Pena said.

In the past, a large turnout for early voting usually is a good indicator for Republicans. 3News Political Analyst Bill Chriss said that is not necessarily the case anymore.

"Early voting has become so common and it's so well understood now that I think any advantage that you would posit for Republicans vs. Democrats in terms of there being a lot of early voting is very seriously weakened," Chriss said.

On the first day of early voting in Nueces County, more than 5,800 voters cast their ballots. In 2012, just over 5,000 people voted early. In 2008, only 50 more people voted early.

Chriss said despite the record, the County is still far behind other counties across the state.

All the voters 3News spoke with Tuesday believe the reason for the higher turnout is obvious.

"It's mainly because of the presidential election," voter Brad La Fara said.