Tense moments Saturday at a Corpus Christi shopping center. Police are looking for a man who walked in to Chicos store and stole hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry then took off. This all happened at around 1:30 Saturday afternoon. A man walked in to the Chicos Store on Doddrige and Alameda. He was looking at the jewelry in the front of the store picked it up and took off. The clerk told 3 news she had just set out the jewelry in the front table. It was about 700 dollars worth accessories. The clerk was helping a customer just a few feet away and saw the suspect run out with the jewelry and she chased after him. The clerk saw him jump in to a silver mustang with a black top and was able to get his license plate.

Police tell us the suspect was driving recklessly. At one point the man was driving 80 miles an hour on Ocean Drive. Police did not pursue the vehicle because it was not a felony robbery. They were just keeping a close eye on him to make sure he would not hurt anyone. A few hours later they found the mustang on the corner of Annapolis and Staples with the owner of the vehicle. He was not the one that committed the robbery. The owner of the vehicle was cooperating with police and had no involvement in the incident prior. Police were able to tow the vehicle.