It is never a good feeling to find out that a thief has been at your home. It's a feeling one local family experienced this week, and to make matters worse, the burglar stole a child's toy.

On Monday night, surveillance video caught two men walking up the driveway and stealing items from one of the family member's trucks. One thief goes back to the truck to grab a bike with training wheels. That bike belonged to a four-year-old boy.

The family was left to wonder why anyone would steal something of so little value, that obviously belongs to a small child. Mikey, the four-year-old victim of theft, had just received the gift for Christmas.

Mikey's father caught the incident on surveillance video, and police are confident they will make an arrest.

Police said theft around the holidays are not uncommon. Last November, local veteran Strate Strates had his electric bike stolen right from his garage.

Kiii News Reporter Heather Gustafson spoke with the family and came back with the details.