NAVASOTA, Texas - Both police and a Navasota business are asking for the public's help after burglars smashed through a wall and took off with some cash.

It happened during the overnight hours on Sept. 19 at The Western Club along Highway 6.

Video shows one of the men smashing through the wall of the building. He is joined by another man and the two rummage through the club's office before taking off with an undisclosed amount of money.

The manager of the club says justice needs to come quick.

"When you go into someone's personal space and you violate their personal things, and their business, and their life and you take something from them, then something should be taken from you," said Laura Gross, the club's manager.

Police say the suspects are described as two white males wearing camouflage hats. The Western Club is also offering a reward for any leads that help catch the thieves.

Anyone with information should call the Navasota Police.