The area near Comanche and Lipan on this city's westside has found itself flooded three times in the last week. It's not due to rain, but instead its because of continuous water main breaks.

Comanche Street looked like a river after a water main ruptured around 5 a.m. Tuesday. City crews said it was going to take hours to fix, and it's the third time a water main has broken in the area in the last week.

Crews said it's a 30-inch water line that goes all the way from the O.N. Stevens Water Plant down toward Leopard Street and ends at SPID. It supplies water to a majority of the downtown area. They are still investigating the cause of the break, but do believe the age of the pipe is a factor -- the last time it was replaced was in 1968.

Thankfully, homeowners around the area did not lase any water. The only two places to lose their water were a cemetery and a small restaurant.

The City's Water Department has made the decision to replace that part of the pipe by the end of the year.