If you haven't start yet, it's probably time to start thawing out that Thanksgiving turkey.

According to the Mr. Food Test Kitchen, thawing a turkey in your refrigerator takes about one day for every four pounds of turkey -- so if you want to defrost a 12-pound bird in the refrigerator, it will take about three days.

To thaw your turkey in the refrigerator:

Place your turkey on a rimmed baking sheet and defrost in the refrigerator. While your turkey defrosts, the condensation will pool up around it. Using a rimmed baking sheet prevents the water from making a mess in your fridge.

Need it to thaw faster? Here's another method:

Place the turkey breast-side down in your kitchen sink and cover it with cold water. Yes, cold water. Placing a frozen turkey in warm water will begin to cook it partially, and that's not what we want. Change the water in the sink every 30 minutes or so, replacing it with cold water every time.

This method of thawing a turkey is faster than in the fridge. It takes about 30 minutes for every pound of turkey, so thawing a 12-pound turkey in the sink will take about six hours.

Here are a couple things you should NOT do:

Never thaw a turkey at room temperature. It will not defrost evenly and you will be at a higher risk of foodborne illnesses.

Also, never cook a turkey while it's frozen. It will not cook evenly, and you may end up serving raw pieces of poultry to your guests.

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