Tuesday following Thanksgiving is known as Giving Tuesday and charities are reminding individuals that they could use some donations.

Coastal Bend Community Foundation CEO and President Karen Selim said before individuals get their cash or credit cards out this holiday season to do their research.

"They need to know what the organization is: what they do, how they do it, what their budget is like, and how much money they use for overhead," Selim said.

The Better Business Bureau said to watch out for copycats, companies posing as non-profits by making their name or logo similar. Other red flags are scammers who ask for wire transfers or immediate cash donations and to avoid on the spot donation requests especially out of the blue phone calls.

"Do not respond to that because you have no idea where your information is going," Selim said.

It is crucial for individuals to be cautious of marketers trying to sell their charity as a product and to avoid those who do not disclose any information about the foundation.

If individuals do plan on donating, useful resources such as Give.org and Charity Navigator will list if the charity is accredited, different site locations, and where your money goes and what it is used for in the charity.