The ride-share service Tride announced it will no longer operate in Corpus Christi on Sunday.

It's been exactly one year since the ride-share service began in the city, and what better way to celebrate an anniversary than to announce they're leaving.

A post on the local Tride Facebook page from their owners said they'll be leaving Corpus Christi in the next few days.

Many people suspect they'll be leaving the city because Lyft has become the popular choice since the service has been back in town.

Local Tride drivers say there's one problem, people haven't been paid.

Cecilia Cruz, a driver, said, "if you are a team leader mentor, every 3 months quarterly you do get a 2% commission of the drivers you mentored and that still hasn't gotten paid".

Cruz also said she hasn't received a response to her emails asking when she will get paid, and that she was surprised to find she was deactivated as a driver Sunday morning.

Marcus Hass, another driver, had positive things to say about the company, he said "Tride's paid me very well. There have been some weeks I've been paid over $1000 working with Tride".

Cruz said she needs the money to pay for her son's medication and she hopes Tride does the right thing by paying everyone what they owe.