In anticipation of potentially freezing weather this week, Texas Department of Transportation crews are in the process of pre-treating all major roadways, bridges and overpasses with a brine solution throughout the 10-county Corpus Christi District according to a press release from TxDOT.

A mixture of salt and water, the solution binds to the pavement and helps prevent precipitation from freezing on the pavement and structures. The treatment will appear as light white lines on the pavement.

Crews will treat I-37, I-69/U.S. 77, U.S. 281, SH 44, U.S. 181 (including Harbor Bridge), plus SH 286 (Crosstown), SH 358 (South Padre Island Drive), SH 357 (Saratoga), Park Road 22 (JFK Causeway and Bridge) and SH 361.

TxDOT crews will monitor weather and road conditions throughout the New Year's holiday and are prepared to respond as needed.

Motorists are urged to use caution when driving over bridges and overpasses since they are the first to freeze.

Other safety tips for winter driving are:

Only drive if absolutely necessary.

Reduce speed and allow extra time to reach destinations.

Increase the following distance between you and other vehicles.

If you start to slide, ease off the gas pedal or brakes and steer into the direction of the skid.

Stay back at least 200 feet from vehicles treating roadways and move over for emergency vehicles.

Be patient. Your trip time could increase when adverse weather conditions exist.

Remain in your vehicle. If stranded, call 911 to alert emergency services.

Assemble an emergency roadside kit, including a first-aid kit, booster cables, abrasive materials (sand or cat litter), flashlights, warm clothes, snacks and water.

Know before you go. Check weather forecasts before departing and visit orcall 800-452-9292 for real-time road conditions.