Emergency crews were called out to the 6400 block of Nicole Court, near Holly and Kostoryz, after a family's home went up in flames while they were trying to cook a turkey this Thanksgiving.

It happened just before 9 a.m. When they arrived, they found a Thanksgiving turkey cooking a little too close to the house.

"The fire apparently starting from a barbecue pit left unattended," said Battalion Chief David Saenz of the Corpus Christi Fire Department. "Traveled to the electrical boxes, caught the electrical boxes on fire; traveled up the easement into the attic of the house."

For the Flores family, who lived in the house, it is not the way they wanted to start their Thanksgiving celebration. They were planning to have a turkey dinner with all the sides until the unfortunate happened.

"Pretty severe damage to the exterior of the house and some of the attic," Saenz said. "It was a little hard for us to get in there and figure where it was because it was in the walls and in the attic. Those are the hardest ones to find."

Neighbors said they could not believe something like this could happen on such an occasion.

"It's unbelievable right now, especially on a holiday like this here, when you know family and friends get together and stuff like that," neighbor Jacob Leal said.

Saenz had some tips for those who want to try to smoke or fry a turkey.

"You've got to prepare. Have a plan. Have a fire extinguishment available. Don't leave it unattended," Saenz said. "Those are the things that we preach and we try to avoid incidents like these. Unfortunately it happened to him today. It's a hard lesson to learn."

The house did receive an extensive amount of damage, but fortunately no one was hurt. The American Red Cross has been contacted and it is believed it will be some time before the Flores family will be able to move back into the house.