3News obtained a copy Monday of the federal lawsuit filed by the American Federation of Teachers against the Corpus Christi Independent School District and district Superintendent Roland Hernandez.

It all comes down to freedom of speech, accord to AFT President Nancy Vera.

"We are very concerned that he is trying to stifle the input of teachers by trying to stifle our organization, the American Federation of Teachers," Vera said.

Vera met with 3News on Monday outside of Yeager Elementary School, one of three schools she was reportedly banned from by the district, according to AFT's grievance.

The lawsuit claims the ban stems from the organization's online Apple Awards, which were given out to CCISD principals last school year. The organization gave six principals so called "rotten apples" for creating "a negative environment based on input."

Vera believes the union was punished for voicing the concerns of its members, adding that the lawsuit is a last resort.

"We would like to see a resolution to this," Vera said. "We want to continue with dialogue. We want to be there for our students; but it becomes increasingly difficult when Dr. Hernandez and CCISD are dismissive of concerns or input teachers have, or all of school employees have, in the district."

The labor organization represents 1,800.

CCISD released a statement Monday saying, "CCISD does not comment on pending litigation or reports of pending litigation." The district also pointed out their achievements over the last two years, which include lowering the number of schools that need improvement from 18 schools three years ago to four schools today.